1. Post It Forward!

        hey guys— I know this isn’t really something that everyone does everyday, but my brother had a really cool project idea. it’s called Post It Forward, and it’s something he thought up for people who love to travel or just go outside in general. it’s super cool and I hope it really takes off:

    Post it Forward (sorry, random thought, still thinking of a name for this hahaha!)

    The Goal: make the world a bit more tangible, personal, and… well, closer. We’ve all been living in the internet far too long (it includes me) and I would like people to say hi in more ways than just FB messenger, or whatsapp or skype. these are all awesome inventions/apps but it lacks personality and feel as a postcard or a letter.

    What do i need to do?: here is where YOU come in.
    1) send me your *home addresses (via the apps/sites stated above, a notebook with addresses would’ve been awesome if only i thought of this sooner), i will reply with 
    mine in turn.

    *if you’re not comfortable with giving your home address, which is completely understandable omg— you can always ask for actual contact details for places on social media such as Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook (among many others) where you can double check that the person you’re going to send postcards to isn’t creepy or anything for you.

    2) I will choose 3 people, then send them postcards when i’m in a different place (ie. travelling), and don’t worry, if more than 3 people would reply, then i’ll try to send some out later on or something hahahhaa

    If YOU do get one from me (or others what might want to do this too) then send postcards out as well when you travel (any amount, and you don’t have to send one back to me, a message of thanks would be appreciated though so that i know it has arrived). try and make it as personal as you can (like, choose one that the person you’re sending it to would like) place a message on it, have a picture printed, put some leaves you found near the postbox— anything, really!

    *if you can, or if it still fits, place ‘post it forward’ as a footnote, just to remind people on the receiving end to send some out too afterwards

    ***this might be a bit out of the way when you travel, especially if you only have a few hectic days in one place. but sending one out and receiving it is pretty fun. try it out at least once, see how it goes.

    sooo…. yeah, that’s about it, might add on some stuff to this later on. inputs are welcome! let’s do this! happy Posting!!! 

    Also, you don’t need to receive a card from me to start on your own project, feel free to start anytime!  (even if you send out a postcard from your home town)

    if anyone’s interested, you can place an ask on someone’s tumblr who reblogged this!

       I hope this gets off the ground! travel is always amazing, and I genuinely think the world needs more people who have experienced more of the world than what they were raised with. 




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